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Everyone at Abitalia is passionate about design. We are constantly looking, observing, discovering new and better ways to do things. When we find something that we want to share, we'll post it here first. Our blog isn't just about interior design. Anything design related qualifies - whether is a well made music video, a mazagine review, or a recent project. If you like what you see, we hope you'll share this blog with others. Of course, if you really like what you see, please contact us

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— 2 years ago
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Quooker hot tap on display

Abitalia is a dealer for Quooker hot taps in Cheltenham

Abitalia is a retailer for Quooker boiling hot water taps in Cheltenham. The instant hot water tap has become an integral part to the modern kitchen. When Abitalia design a kitchen, by default we specify the incredibly practical boiling water tap. In addition, Abitalia install a Everpure Claris water filter system that provides purified water both to the Quooker and main kitchen tap. This simple attention to detail provides high quality water, not only for drinking, but also to supply integrated appliances like steam ovens and ice-making freezers.

Abitalia work with dedicated engineers that can advise on and install the best system for your requirements. Connecting up to five appliances with a single filter, plus the Quooker hot water tank, the cost is very competitive compared to bottled water or other filtration systems.

Our design studio in Cheltenham have the ‘Modern’ hot water tap from Quooker on display, with a working ‘Basic’ tap display nearby. If you are interested in having a Quooker tap installed in your new kitchen, or wish to retrospectively install one in your existing kitchen, contact our studio for more information

— 2 years ago
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cheltenham design festival

The Cheltenham Design Festival is new for 2012. It’s taking place at The Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham between 20-22 April. Taking place over three days in April 2012, the inaugural Cheltenham Design Festival will showcase some of the most innovative and creative thinkers operating on a global level today.

From their site: From 20-22 April the Parabola Arts Centre in Cheltenham will host 26 events – a series of debates, discussions and interviews – featuring leading figures in the design world. Covering all design disciplines, it’s an opportunity to engage with innovators from the world’s creative community, people who influence our lives through original thought in areas such as education, engineering and business as well as technology, wellbeing and architecture. The Cheltenham Design Festival will show how important the role creative thinking plays not only to our daily lives but also in assuring our future.

For more information check out the Cheltenham Design Festival website

 The Cheltenham Design Foundation was founded by a group of professionals based in Gloucestershire with backgrounds and interests in design.

— 2 years ago
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Keope tiles for kitchens, bathrooms and external areas

Keope are a leading manufacturer of high quality porcelain tiles. Made in Italy, Keope’s products are not only stunning, but crafted to give a natural contemporary finish. Being full bodied and fully-rectified, the tiles can be laid with the smallest of grout lines to give a seamless contemporary floor.

Porcelain tiles have excellent properties that make them suitable for many environments. Whether outdoors, around a pool area or used as wall cladding, the variation in colour and texture make the tiles a perfect choice of finish. The tiles are available in a number of sizes, the most popular being 600 x 600mm and 300 x 600mm.

L-R: Keope Unika: Ivory, Pearl, Silver, Stone and Plum. Dream: Almond, Indian, Light and Steel.

With over 30 different flooring collections, Abitalia is the authorised stockist for Keope in Gloucestershire, yet ship nationwide. With a large collection of tiles, Abitalia’s designers are able to specify and supply Keope’s products for both private and contract projects. Abitalia’s team of skilled tilers can also install, even where there are complex details and architectural features.

Builders and developers receive preferential square metre prices based on large quantity orders. If you are looking for flooring, contact us at

— 2 years ago
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