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Quooker hot tap on display

Abitalia is a dealer for Quooker hot taps in Cheltenham

Abitalia is a retailer for Quooker boiling hot water taps in Cheltenham. The instant hot water tap has become an integral part to the modern kitchen. When Abitalia design a kitchen, by default we specify the incredibly practical boiling water tap. In addition, Abitalia install a Everpure Claris water filter system that provides purified water both to the Quooker and main kitchen tap. This simple attention to detail provides high quality water, not only for drinking, but also to supply integrated appliances like steam ovens and ice-making freezers.

Abitalia work with dedicated engineers that can advise on and install the best system for your requirements. Connecting up to five appliances with a single filter, plus the Quooker hot water tank, the cost is very competitive compared to bottled water or other filtration systems.

Our design studio in Cheltenham have the ‘Modern’ hot water tap from Quooker on display, with a working ‘Basic’ tap display nearby. If you are interested in having a Quooker tap installed in your new kitchen, or wish to retrospectively install one in your existing kitchen, contact our studio for more information

— 2 years ago
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